What Samurai Sharpening Services offers?

  • Chip repairs, tip repairs, reprofiling, rust removal, forced patina, basic sharpening, thinning, single bevel sharpening.
  • Flexible packages for individuals or teams
  • Customer service and follow-up communication to ensure satisfaction
  • Your most important kitchen tool is truly looked after at Samurai Sharpening Services!

Sharpening Prices:

Blades under 150mm: R65

Blades between 150mm – 210mm: R95

Blades over 210mm: R120

Single Bevel knives: R220

Wide Bevel Double bevel knives + R35

Minor Chip/Tip Repairs + R35

Major thinning Starts at + R250

Please feel free to drop your knives at our store in V&A Waterfront. Turnaround time will be between 1- 2 Working days.