Arrow Leather Knife Roll
Arrow Leather Knife Roll

A classic style leather roll-up bag made from full grain leather.


6 Large slots that leaves enough space between blades. Perfect for your larger Japanese handles.

Available in Tan or Dark Brown.


*Knives in picture not included


SIZE: 46cm wide x 40cm high


Supplier: Arrow Leather Goods


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Japanese Camellia Oil 100ml
Japanese Camellia Oil 100ml

For centuries Japanese Swordsmen have used camellia oil to protect their prized blades from rust and tarnish.

This original product from Japan is a highly refined version of Camellia Oil that will protect your carbon steel knives. Just put a little on a soft cloth and wipe over the blade before storage.

How to use:

  1. Please be sure to clean the blade before applying the camellia oil.
  2. Add some oil to a clean cloth or apply a few dots on the blade.
  3. Simply wipe the blade on both sides with the cloth.
  4. Before using your knife again, wash the knife under running cold water to remove any traces of oil.
  5. Dry the knife with a dry cloth.
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MAC Ceramic Honing Rod
MAC Ceramic Honing Rod


The White Mac honing rod has a medium 1200 grit surface that polishes your edge smooth.  Similar in function to a traditional European “steel” these rods are meant to hone or gently realign your edge.  Use it daily in commercial restaurant environments or once every few weeks in home environments to maintain a fine edge.  This does not replace sharpening which you should still do every couple of weeks (restaurant) or every couple of months (home).

Ceramic honing rods are a much harder material than a traditional steel and have a much finer grit which obtains faster and better results.

Great for use on harder Carbon steels or powdered stainless steel.


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Moribashi Plating Chopsticks Bloodwood
Moribashi Plating Chopsticks Bloodwood

Moribashi are long chopsticks, with a tip made of Stainless Steel. They are popular among Japanese Professional Chefs, used for preparing and serving Japanese Cuisine, such as Tempura, Sashimi etc. or turning food on the stove. They are not generally designed for eating. These chopsticks allow handling of hot food with one hand, and are used like regular chopsticks.

Professionals usually prefer Metal Tip rather than Wooden or Bamboo’s, as the tips of regular bamboo chopsticks discolour and get greasy after repeated use in hot oil. It is also much more hygienic. The wooden handle protects against heat.

The first thing you will notice about these is the weight, quality and balance they have.


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Naniwa – Rust Eraser Fine
Naniwa – Rust Eraser Fine

The Naniwa Rust Eraser is a must-have accessory if you use high carbon steel knives or tools.

The Alumina abrasive is distributed throughout the entire thickness of the block, so fresh grit is exposed as it wears.

The fine grit abrades quickly through rust. It can be used dry or with water. You’ll get a higher polish by wetting the knife first and even more polish by using a drop of oil on the blade.

This is a very high quality fine eraser and will give you much use and satisfaction.


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Naniwa – Sharpening Guide
Naniwa – Sharpening Guide

The Japanese Sharpening guide is designed for use on Kitchen knives. The guide is extremely easy to use and will give a precise angle throughout your sharpening sessions.

Clip the sharpening guide on your knife to help keep a steady angle while sharpening on a stone.

The white strip is less abrasive than the cheap steel guides you sometimes see so you’re less likely to scratch the stone (and the plastic is less likely to scratch the knife’s blade face).

Note that the angle created will depend on the width of the knife blade. It will give you a nice Japanese angle with a Santoku or most chef’s knives, but the angle will be higher with a small blade like a paring knife, and very low with a super wide blade like a Chinese chef’s knife (cleaver).

It is a very handy little tool, especially when you’re just starting out on your sharpening journey and want to concentrate on your technique without also having to worry all the time about maintaining a consistent angle.

The white strip on the sharpening guide is made of ceramic to ensure longer wear on the guide.
This is a fixed angle guide so cannot be adjusted.





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Naniwa Stone Holder
Naniwa Stone Holder

The Naniwa Stone holder is a great addition to your sharpening Station.

The heavy-duty rubber base insures that your whetstone is firmly secure and sturdy when sharpening your knives. It also insures great knuckle clearance when your stones are thinned out.
The holder can easily be adjusted with the set of adjustable screws. This makes it possible to attach water stones in the holder for stones up to 22 cm.

Length: 136-218 mm
Width: 76 mm maximum


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Scanlen Knives – Leather Strop
Scanlen Knives – Leather Strop


A leather strop is used to hone the blade after sharpening for an added silkiness.

Can also be used to touch up and edge in between sharpening.

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Scanlen Knives – Leather Strop
Scanlen Knives – Leather Strop


A leather strop is used to hone the blade after sharpening for an added silkiness.

Can also be used to touch up and edge in between sharpenings.

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