Japanese Camellia Oil 240ml
Japanese Camellia Oil 240ml

For centuries Japanese Swordsmen have used camellia oil to protect their prized blades from rust and tarnish.

This original product from Japan is a highly refined version of Camellia Oil that will protect your carbon steel knives. Just put a little on a soft cloth and wipe over the blade before storage.

How to use:

  1. Please be sure to clean the blade before applying the camellia oil.
  2. Add some oil to a clean cloth or apply a few dots on the blade.
  3. Simply wipe the blade on both sides with the cloth.
  4. Before using your knife again, wash the knife under running cold water to remove any traces of oil.
  5. Dry the knife with a dry cloth.
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Sabitoru Rust Eraser – Medium
Sabitoru Rust Eraser – Medium


The rust eraser is easy to use for removing rust or other stubborn stains from knives: Soak the rust eraser in water for five minutes before using. Identify the direction of the “grain” of the knife steel (you will see lines in the knife steel) and following the grain, gently rub back and forth until the rust or stain is gone. Always rinse and fully dry your knife after use.

NOTE: rubbing too hard or too long may weaken the steel and may lead to the development of more rust. Use the rust eraser gently and only where needed.

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