Fermented Pepper & Yuzu Paste KANZURI 70g


Kanzuri is  a simple blend of togarashi chili peppers, salt, rice koji and yuzu (Japanese citrus peel). The spice is developed and produced in Niigata prefecture, Northern Japan. This Yuzu edition contains extra yuzu for a more intense bitter-citrusy flavour and is especially recommended for boiled dishes and stew. Use with salt to best draw out the intense yuzu flavour.

Bottle Size: 70g

Recipe ideas

– A topping on chicken, steak, (raw, fried or baked) tofu, or baked potatoes
– Blend with oil to make a dressing for salads, meat or tofu
– Blend with mayonnaise for a delicious spicy, creamy sauce with fried foods
– A unique base for pasta sauce or fried rice;
fry the kanzuri with oil and garlic and stir the rice/pasta in
– Add to soy sauce for an amazing sashimi, gyoza dumpling and spring rolls dip
– Add to a vegetable stir fry, hot pot, (miso) soup, noodles or curry for
an all-round kanzuri flavor experience

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