Kirameki – Iron Frying Pan 28cm


Kirameki Pans

The unique “Magma plate” design produces fine irregularities on both the inside and outside of the pans surface. This results in a increase of surface area that improves great heat conduction and even heat distribution across the surface of the pan. The fine irregularities also insures exceptional non-stick qualities which requires minimal oil for cooking.

There is a very thin layer of food grade silicon on these pans. This will slowly dissolve as you use the pan and acts as a buffer while you build up a nice seasoning on the cooking surface of the pan. Never use a steel scrubber to clean this pan


Care instructions:

  • Before using the pan, wash with hot soapy water using a soft cloth.
  • Heat the pan slowly over mediom heat until you see a light smoke.
  • Add 3 tbsp of oil that can withstand high heat – Grape seed or Canola oil
  • Swirl around in the pan for one minute on a medium heat
  • Let the pan cool.
  • Drain the oil and then wipe all around with paper towel. Inside and outside of the pan.
  • Repeat this process two more times using new oil.


Now your new Kirameki Pan should be ready for use.

  • The pan should never be heated over a high heat. ( It gets hot extremely fast )
  • Please make sure the pan is cooled properly before washing. Submerging a hot pan in water can cause the pan to warp.
  • Always wash by hand with hot soapy water with a soft cloth. Never use an abrasive like steel wool to clean the pan. This will remove the seasoning on your pan.
  • After washing the pan, immediately dry it and wipe it with a thin layer of oil using a piece of paper towel. This will protect it against oxidization.

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