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The Japanese Sharpening guide is designed for use on Kitchen knives. The guide is extremely easy to use and will give a precise angle throughout your sharpening sessions.

Clip the sharpening guide on your knife to help keep a steady angle while sharpening on a stone.

The white strip is less abrasive than the cheap steel guides you sometimes see so you’re less likely to scratch the stone (and the plastic is less likely to scratch the knife’s blade face).

Note that the angle created will depend on the width of the knife blade. It will give you a nice Japanese angle with a Santoku or most chef’s knives, but the angle will be higher with a small blade like a paring knife, and very low with a super wide blade like a Chinese chef’s knife (cleaver).

It is a very handy little tool, especially when you’re just starting out on your sharpening journey and want to concentrate on your technique without also having to worry all the time about maintaining a consistent angle.

The white strip on the sharpening guide is made of ceramic to ensure longer wear on the guide.
This is a fixed angle guide so cannot be adjusted.





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