Tojiro Color Series – 150mm Honosuki ( Right Handed )

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Tojiro Knives
Tojiro is one of the few manufactures in Japan that performs all of its manufacturing processes in-house. They choose this path of integrated in-house production, from the careful selection of materials to after sale service. The reason why they are able to deliver high quality lies in their commitment to being directly involved in every aspect of making their knives.

As knives are tools that people directly take into their hands to use, Tojiro values the skills of producers, which are the foundation of manufacturing, and keep a close eye on all processes until each craftsman at TOJIRO is completely satisfied.

Tojiro knives are produced by traditional techniques and combines modern industrial technology are held in the highest regard not only in Japan, but around the world.


Tojiro is exclusively distributed in South Africa by Kitchen Samurai.


About the Honesuki:

The Honesuki is a Japanese style boning knife specifically designed for parting out poultry and small animals like rabbits. The Honesuki has a relatively thick spine for scraping meat from bones. This knife will change the way you think about taking apart a chicken. These knives are stiff and robust with pointed tips and a triangular profile.

Honesukis are often single bevel knives so users should be aware of how to maintain knives with this type of grind. While honesukis are very robust knives they are intended to cut through the joints of a bird, not cleave through the bone, which is mainly due to the hardness of the Japanese steel. To split a bird consider either a heavier cleaver or a western deba.


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Knife Type



Molybdenum Vanadium Steel

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Rockwell Hardness



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