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Kitchen Samurai does not guarantee that the Website is error-free as some descriptions and/or prices stated on the website may accidentally have been stated incorrectly.

Returns and Refund Policy

If you would like to return a product because it differs from the one that you have ordered or you have buyer’s remorse, or the Product does not meet with your expectations, contact the Customer Relations Department within 3 business days at email addresss: info@kitchensamurai.co.za and follow this procedure:

  • Quote your order number in the email and state the reason for wanting to return the product;
  • Wait for an email from Kitchen Samurai with a “Goods Return Number” which gives you permission to send back the Product;
  • When you have received this email, you must quote this number on a separate piece of paper and send the Product by mail, courier or hand delivery to Kitchen Samurai in its original packaging that must not be damaged or destroyed and so that it is resalable.
  • If you will be sending the Product via mail or courier, you must securely wrap the Product to protect it against theft and damage. You must insure the parcel for the full retail value of the Product(s).

In case of an Incorrect Product:

  • Upon receipt of the Product(s), Kitchen Samurai will inspect the Product and its packaging and if it is resalable, Kitchen Samurai will notify you and send you the correct Product.

In case you want to rely on Cooling Off:

  • Upon receipt of the Product(s), Kitchen Samurai will inspect the Product and depending on the warranty of the Product, Kitchen Samurai will notify you and in its discretion, pass a refund within a maximum of 30 days. The costs of sending the Product back to Kitchen Samurai are for your account.

In case the Products do not Meet with your Expectations

  • Upon receipt of the Product(s), Kitchen Samurai will inspect the Product and depending on the warranty of the Product, Kitchen Samurai will notify you and in its discretion, pass a refund within a maximum of 30 days. The costs of sending the Product back to Kitchen Samurai are for your account.

If you have returned a Product that has clearly been used or abused, or if the packaging has been damaged, Kitchen Samurai may refuse to pass a refund and it will notify you to collect the Product.

Delivery policy

Subject to availability and receipt of payment, requests will be processed within TWO WORKINING DAYS day’s, delivery is confirmed by way of a TRACKING NUMBER which is e-mailed to you as the order is dispatched.


No person under the age of 18 years may purchase products from Kitchen Samurai . However, since it is impossible for Kitchen Samurai to screen its online customers, it may happen that dangerous Products are sent to children and consequently, Kitchen Samurai does not accept liability for any damage to property or personal injury due to children using these Products. Parents of children under 18 years indemnify Kitchen Samurai against any such damage or injury. It may also happen that Kitchen Samurai collects Personal Information of children under 18 years. If this should happen, Kitchen Samurai undertakes to destroy such Personal Information upon its discovery.

Grant of Rights

You agree to be bound by this Website’s terms and conditions.

This Website provides you with information regarding Kitchen Samurai and its Products.

You may browse, view, copy and download content from the Website when searching for products but you may not use this content for commercial purposes.

You may search for products, complete the sales process, communicate with Kitchen Samurai through the Website, rate Products and leave comments on this Website.

You have the right to review and correct the Personal Information that you have submitted to the Website when creating your Account.

Ratings, Reviews and Comments

You may rate Products listed on this Website and leave any comments that may be useful to other customers to help them make wise buying choices. However, Kitchen Samurai reserves the right to remove reviews if required by law if they contain any of the following:

  • Spiteful remarks;
  • Distasteful and/or defamatory content;
  • Profanity;
  • Advertisements or promotional material for competing products;
  • Any contact details like email and physical addresses;
  • Links to other websites;
  • Comments on other reviews (as some may be deleted in future)
  • Off-topic information such as feedback on your experiences with Kitchen Samurai.

Contract Formation between Kitchen Samurai and You

By using the Website, You are bound by these Website Terms and Conditions.

A binding sales agreement between Kitchen Samurai and you comes into force when:

  • You have registered an Account on the Website by completing and submitting the electronic registration form and/or when you have opted for a quick check out; and
  • You have completed the billing and shipping address information; and
  • you have placed an order for selected Products and thereby made an offer to purchase them from Kitchen Samurai ; and
  • you have made payment to Kitchen Samurai ; and
  • Kitchen Samurai has notified you that it has accepted your offer and that it will dispatch the order.

If you have opted to pay via EFT, your payment must reflect in their account within 3 business days failing which, the provisional order will lapse. In this case, you will have to order the Product again and at the price stated on the Website at that time. Kitchen Samurai does not accept liability for any price increases that may have happened in the meantime.

Changing or Cancelling Order

If you would like to cancel an order before it has been sent, you must send an urgent email to: info@kitchensamurai.co.za and request the whole or part of the order to be cancelled. Kitchen Samurai will then refund your money.

If you cancelled the order after Sharp Edge has dispatched it, you may still return the Product according to our Returns and Refund Policy

Changes to Website

Kitchen Samurai reserves the right to amend any information of its Website Services on this Website and these terms and conditions in its sole discretion, without notice.

You must acquaint yourself with any such amendments.

Product prices are always subject to change without notice. The price for the Product you wish to order is fixed at the time of purchase. It is possible that the price may increase or decrease between the time you added a Product to your shopping cart and the time that you made the purchase. We always verify prices as part of our shipping process. If a Product has been listed at an incorrect price, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order for that Product. In that case we will contact you with the option of paying the correct amount or offer a refund.

Electronic Communication

You accept that Kitchen Samurai may communicate with you through the use of email relating to the use of the Website Services such as sending notifications of special promotions or new product launches. You may elect not to receive electronic marketing messages from us. When Kitchen Samurai sends an email to you, it is deemed that you have received it when you are capable of downloading the email.

When You send an email to Kitchen Samurai , it is deemed to have been received when Kitchen Samurai replies to the message.

You agree that all electronic agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications between Kitchen Samurai and Website User, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.
How payment will be made and received.

Account Activation and Suspension

Upon registration of an Account, you:

  • Must choose a username and password;
  • Must maintain the confidentiality of the username and password;
  • Must report unauthorised use or suspected compromise of the username and/or password to Kitchen Samurai ;
  • Accept responsibility for all actions carried out with your username and password. Kitchen Samurai and other Website Users may assume that any actions carried out were done with your authorisation;
  • Are responsible for all submissions made;

The contract between you and Kitchen Samurai terminates when you request deletion of the Account from the Website.

If Kitchen Samurai suspects fraudulent or other criminal activity on your part while using the Website or in case of breach of these terms, or if the conduct in any way negatively affects the rights and interests of Kitchen Samurai , it may in its sole discretion temporarily suspend or terminate your access to the Website. In such circumstances, Kitchen Samurai will send you a suspension notice unless in its sole discretion it deems that such notice will lead to further damage and violation.

Kitchen Samurai reserves the right to institute criminal action against you for any illegal use of the Website.