Higonokami Carbon steel Black Medium


Higonokami – Carbon steel

After the disempowerment of the Samurais in the late 1800’s, blacksmiths lost their main customers and had to resort to manufacturing different types of blades to earn an income. The name of the knife is strongly related to these events. “Higo no Kami” in Japanese means “Lord of Higo”. Higo is the old name of the Kyushu province, where the original knife came from, but “Higo no Kami” is also an aristocratic title historically given to powerful samurai.

A knifemaking guild was formed in 1899 to manufacture Higonokami’s and the Higonokami was trademarked in 1907. Sadly only one blacksmith from the original guild is left – Motosuke Nagao. All Higonokami knives produced outside of the guild are referred to as Higonokami style knives.

The Higonokami charged to success becoming a popular utilitarian pocketknife for craftsmen and school children alike. The very sharp, Sanmai high carbon steel blade was easily sharpened, inexpensive and durable.

This small Japanese folder is one of the oldest knife trademarks still in production, is almost unchanged since its creation and is also one of the most affordable on the market. It is perfect as a gift or as your own Japanese styled pocket knife companion.

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