Narihira Honesuki 150mm


Narihira – Honesuki

The Narihira Range is Produces by Fuji Cutlery. Fuji Cutlery is a sister company of Tojiro based in Sanjo City, Japan. The Narihira range are imported knives from China and fit and finish under strict regulations of Fuji Cutlery/Tojiro. This is one of the reasons this blade can be sold at such a good price.

They are made with Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless steel with super durable Black Micarta handles. They are great for chefs that need a bang for the buck that will perform well. There thinness gives them a really good cutting feel and they are very easy to sharpen and maintain.



Honesukis are boning knives specifically designed for parting out poultry. These knives are stiff and robust with pointed tips and a triangular profile. Honesukis are often single bevel knives so users should be aware of how to maintain knives with this type of grind. While honesukis are very robust knives they are intended to cut through the joints of a bird, not cleave through the bone. To split a bird consider either a heavier cleaver or a western deba.


Care Instructions

  • Wash and dry the blade by hand immediately after use. Dishwashers are very bad for all knives.
  • Use a soft cloth to wash the blade. Avoid abrasive dish scrubbers and powders as these can damage the finish of your beautiful knife.
  • Do not cut through bones. You can certainly cut along/beside bones, but do not cut into bones. This can, at worst, chip the blade.
  • Never use this knife to cut frozen food.
  • Never twist or cleave the blade.
  • Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Never cut on bamboo, glass, marble, slate, a plate, china, marble, arborite or anything harder than steel.
  • Store knives in a way that the blades will not knock into each other.
  • Never transport knives unprotected.

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