Sakai Kikumori – ND 3 Piece Set with Arrow Leather Knife Roll + Suehiro Combo Whetstone


Sakai Kikumori 

With a passionate devotion to knife-making as well as working with some of the most skilled craftsman in Japan, Sakai Kikumori has been making cutlery of incredible quality and performance since its inception in 1926.

The Kikumori Hammered Damascus Wa-Gyuto is constructed using a core steel of AUS-10, a stainless steel with a high carbon content that is easy to sharpen and will hold a sharper edge for longer periods of time. AUS-10 is hard yet flexible making it a good compromise between edge retention and durability. The core steel is cladded in softer stainless steel with a polished hammered and Damascus finish giving this blade its striking appearance. The handle is octagonal in shape made from magnolia with a buffalo horn ferrule. The Gyuto, an all round knife which can be used for various tasks, is the Japanese version of a chef’s knife. Gyuto’s generally have a flatter blade profile near the heel to aid in chopping, a rounder belly for rock chopping and a sharp, pointed tip for precision cutting.


This Set includes the following:

Sakai Kikumori AUS10 Gyuto – Click here for more information

Sakai Kikumori AUS10 Santoku 180mm – Click here for more information

Sakai Kikumori AUS10 Petty 150mm – Click here for more information

Arrow Leather Roll – Click here for more information

Suehiro 300/1500 – Click here for more information


Care Instructions:

  • Wash and dry the blade by hand immediately after use. Dishwashers are very bad for all knives.
  • Use a soft cloth to wash the blade. Avoid abrasive dish scrubbers and powders as these can damage the finish of your beautiful knife.
  • Do not cut through bones. You can certainly cut along/beside bones, but do not cut into bones. This can, at worst, chip the blade.
  • Never use this knife to cut frozen food. I’m sure you have a 4×4 somewhere in your kitchen for this job.
  • Never twist, cleave or prise the blade.
  • Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Never cut on bamboo, glass, marble, slate, a plate, china, marble, arborite or anything harder than steel.
  • Store knives in a way that the blades will not knock into each other.
  • Never transport knives unprotected.

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