Sakai Kikumori – VG10 Hammered Damascus Gyuto 180mm


Sakai Kikumori


With a passionate devotion to knife-making as well as working with some of the most skilled craftsman in Japan, Sakai Kikumori has been making cutlery of incredible quality and performance since its inception in 1926.


The Kikumori Damascus 180mm Gyuto is constructed using a core steel of VG10, a cutlery grade stainless steel produced in Japan. It has a high carbon content which allows it to be heat treated to higher hardness levels thus allowing the blade to take on finer, sharper edges whilst being able to maintain that edge for prolonged periods of time. The core steel is cladded in softer stainless steel with a polished hammered and Damascus finish giving this blade its striking appearance and aids in further preventing corrosion. The handle is a western style handle made from black Pollywood and has a stainless steel half bolster. The Gyuto, an all round knife which can be used for various tasks, is the Japanese version of a chef’s knife. Gyuto’s generally have a flatter blade profile near the heel to aid in chopping, a rounder belly for rock chopping and a sharp, pointed tip for precision cutting.

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Additional information

Knife Shape

Gyuto ( Chefs Knife )

Blade Length


Total length




Rockwell Hardness


Steel Type

VG10 Stainless Steel

Handle Material

Black Polywood


Double Bevel


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