Yoshida Hamono Blue2 Kurouchi – Sujihiki 240mm


Yoshida Hamono is a Family owned company with a rich history of knife and sword manufacturing. They manufacture knives at their workshop in Saga Prefecture, Japan.

The Yoshida Blue 2 range comes at a sharp price for a hand-forged knife. They are nice and thin behind the edge and are very well balanced in hand.

The Yoshida Blue 2 knives have a core steel of  Blue 2 Carbon steel cladded in soft iron. Both the core and the iron cladding are reactive Carbon steel. This knife patinas nicely, but extra care is required when using the knife. We recommend that the blade be wiped down regularly during use and washed and dried properly after use. We recommend getting a rust eraser for maintenance.

Using a good cutting technique is very important. Make sure your cutting motion is straight up and down with no lateral movement when hitting the cutting board.



Sujihiki Knife (筋引き出刃 – pronounced: Sujihiki Bōchō) literally translated from Japanese means ‘flesh slicer’. The name insinuates that it is perfect for slicing or carving meat which it was designed for initially. This is a composite between a Yanagiba and a Western-style carving knife.

The Sujihiki’s long, double bevelled blade allows for pull cutting in one clean motion using the blade from heel to tip. The length of the blade is perfect to cut up, carve or even butcher small to medium size animals or cuts of meat. The Sujihiki is also perfect for trimming sinew and fat from meat and filleting and skinning fish.

The Sujihiki has a relatively long and narrow blade with an acute edge angle with a narrow heel height. These components reduce the effort to cut through ingredients. For this reason, it is best to use a blade that is as long as your workspace will allow. The combination of cutting technique, acute blade angle, and sharp edge result in very little cellular damage in the cut surface.

Type: Western Style

Best for: Meat, Fish

Kitchen Samurai Ease of Use Rating: Specialist – Easy to use but applies to specific food types


Care Instructions

  • Wash and dry the blade by hand immediately after use. Dishwashers are very bad for all knives.
  • Use a soft cloth to wash the blade. Avoid abrasive dish scrubbers and powders as these can damage the finish of your beautiful knife.
  • Do not cut through bones. You can certainly cut along/beside bones, but do not cut into bones. This can, at worst, chip the blade.
  • Never use this knife to cut frozen food.
  • Never twist or cleave the blade.
  • Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Never cut on bamboo, glass, marble, slate, a plate, china, marble, arborite or anything harder than steel.
  • Store knives in a way that the blades will not knock into each other.
  • Never transport knives unprotected.

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